November 2, 2015

Peach Pie & Giveaway

November 2, 2015
My aunt, who is in her seventies now, did a long career in Helsinki University. Besides teaching Family and Consumer Sciences, she wrote and co-authored twenty cookbooks.

As a kid, I admired her unconditionally! Not because of her academic achievements, but because she came with open arms and connected with a shy girl like me. My brother was her Godson; I envied him for that! Although I’ve since learnt that my brother’s merits are due to his own good nature, I still dote on my aunt.

When Pure Vegetarian came out, I handed her a copy, “Look aunty what I did,” feeling like a kindergartener who gives an object made of empty paper rolls to a renowned sculptor! I was nervous knowing she would examine it as a professional.

She called me five days later to offer feedback. By browsing through the recipes she had noted that she isn’t the target reader because her dietary habits are settled – she wouldn’t use Indian ingredients or learn new cooking methods, like tempering spices. Nonetheless, she appreciated the clarity of the recipes and found the instructions articulate. She enjoyed exploring details about hing, tej patta, bitter melon and other items that are foreign to her, listed in the end of the book.
When I dedicated to bhakti-yoga in my late teens, many of my relatives were embarrassed and cut contact with me, but my aunt remained broadminded. Therefore, she wasn’t surprised that I approach cooking as meditation in the book. She nailed my purpose of writing Pure Vegetarian by saying that even before she read the non-recipe content she saw that the photographs respect the elements and ingredients I work with. She found the images delicate, telling a story about commitment to spirituality, and concluded, “I will be proud to show your book to all of my colleagues.”
I admit, I read the book again after hanging up the telephone. Are authors allowed to do that? Is it a shameful confession? My aunt claimed she never opened any of her books after publishing them. I’ve rendered aloud mine at least 20 times!

Pure Vegetarian is imperfect – or, impure – in many ways, like I am. Trust me, I’ve beaten myself for every sentence I could’ve written more genuinely, every recipe I could’ve tested again, and every picture I could’ve put more effort into. However, the book inspires me. It reminds me, and hopefully everyone who reads it, of different ways to associate with and around food. Isn’t it true that you and I are ultimately looking for the sustenance of the soul that comes from connecting to the divine nature – our source, and the source of bread and butter – through consciousness? Nutrition, as metabolic and physiological support, doesn’t satisfy the hunger for fulfilment; matter alone will always be inadequate for us, spiritual beings.
Think of Pure Vegetarian as a rest stop on the path of elevation all humans travel from inside out – instead of outside in – searching for lasting happiness and love. Press your breaks and sit down with me! Let’s dive into the essence of food and the potential of cooking, while I’ll serve you rice, dal, vegetables, salads, savories, sauces, sweets and beverages.

Tell me who has encouraged you recently in your life under this post to enter Pure Vegetarian giveaway (or write anything else). I’ll randomly draw a name from a hat on November 15, announce it on the blog, and ship a copy of Pure Vegetarian to the winner – hopefully you – anywhere in the world! Meanwhile, enjoy the peach pie; the recipe is from the book.


Step I
63 ml (1/4 Cup) wholegrain spelt flour
250 ml (1 Cup) all purpose spelt flour
1 Tbsp sugar
½ tsp sea salt
120 g (1/4 lb) cold unsalted butter
63 ml (1/4 Cup) ice cold water or as needed 

Step II
1 ½ kg (3 1/2 lb) peaches
3 liters (12 Cups) boiling water for scalding 

Step III
2 Tbsp lemon juice
188 ml (¾ Cup) sugar
¼ tsp cinnamon powder
A pinch of nutmeg powder
A pinch of salt
3 Tbsp corn starch

Step IV
Milk, yogurt, cream or water for brushing
Sugar for sprinkling on the top

Make the dough by mixing the flours, sugar and salt in a bowl. Cut the butter into small cubes and fork it into the flour until it resembles a coarse crumble with visible (pea-size) pearls of butter. Add the water gradually while pulling the dough into a rough ball with a spatula. Adjust the amount of water, depending on the quality of flour.

Divide the dough into two parts and wrap a plastic film around each one. Flatten them slightly and place in the refrigerator to rest for at least 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash the peaches. Cut a shallow cross on the top of them. Plunge them in a pot of boiling water for a minute. Drain and rinse them with cold water. Slip the skins off with the help of a paring knife. Pit and slice them. Set aside.

Preheat the oven at 200 C (392 F).

Take one portion of the dough. Roll it into a thin round between two baking sheets sprinkled with flour. It should cover the bottom and sides of a 25 to 28 cm (10” – 12”) pie form. Remove the top sheet and transfer the crust into the form by flipping it over with the help of the bottom sheet. Remove the second paper, too. Trim the edges. Put it back to the refrigerator.

Unwrap the other portion of dough and roll it, similarly, into a thin disk. Use a cookie cutter to cut small hearts out of it. Alternatively, you may use it as such (pierced with a knife), or make a lattice top for the pie.

Combine the peaches, lemon juice, sugar, spices, salt and corn starch. Take out the pie form and pour the filling in it. Cover with the hearts and brush with milk or water. Sprinkle it with sugar and bake on the bottom third of the oven for about 50 minutes. If the edges are becoming too dark, cover them with a piece of foil, wet baking sheet.

Serve hot or cold. The filling settles as it cools down.

Thank you.


  1. There's a beauty in imperfection that is lovable, Lakshmi, and I'm sure it's the same with your book.
    After all, it is a labour of love.

  2. A beautiful peach pie! Imperfections are delightful and add character to anything...

    My boyfriend always encourages me to keep on going and not to lose faith in myself by helping me in every step of life (be it blogging, cooking, vanquishing my fears, etc...).



  3. Hello Lakshmi,
    I really adore your blog. The photos, the recipes, and once in a while I am trying to make them myself at home.
    I'd love to have your book, it is in my wish list since it is announced.
    A lot of people inspire me for different things. My significant other, my family, the people I work with…
    On prima vista a story about my first boss and me came up in my head:
    One day I participated in a company quiz for winning a tickets for a nice event abroad. Among all 11 people with right answers, 5 won, and 3 more were chosen as back-ups in case some of the winners were not able to travel. And I was among the other 3, not chosen ones, and quite disappointed. But then my boss said, ‘Aneliya, we do not wait the fortune to give us a chance to travel to somewhere, we are the ones who choose where to go. We are the do-ers’.
    The hardest step is to start doing something, although not perfect, but in the go the things happen and get better.
    All The Best,

  4. My mom has always inspired me in every way of life

  5. dear lakshmi,

    such a wonderful work of love and that story about your aunt is so touching!
    i was thinking about someone in my life like that and i have to say i can´t really narrow it down... i work together with my father and he never doubts my decisions, but what really means the most to me, is when a little thing i put out there - maybe on my blog or when meeting with friends - has an impact in a most unexpected way. this keeps me going - the connections of human beings. one sometimes doesn´t even know it, but you reach reach a lot of souls - just like you do!

    thank you for taking us on your journey!

  6. You always bring out the beauty of mundane things, everyday that about your blog.
    My husband is my pillar of strength and always encourages me.

  7. This pie is so stunning. I love the top crust! Gorgeous!

  8. The story of your connection with your aunt is so sweet. So wonderful that you have such a special person in your life. Right now, my husband is helping me through a rather bumpy period in my life. I appreciate his help so much!

  9. I love peach desserts. Wish I had stocked up on fresh peaches over the summer. :(

  10. Your devotion and commitment to sharing details about how to spiritualize daily life and it's importance in the preparation of food I find very inspiring. In fact, all the amazing women I "meet" online have helped encourage and inspire me in so many ways. Beautiful book, I hope I win! Thanks!

  11. Your aunt comments capture the essence of the book even though she comes and lives in a different generational space. I have a brilliant friend who always brings a new and authentic perspective to any idea I may be wrestling with. Thank you a beautiful website - reading it always feels like a small meditation.

  12. "delicate" is exactly how I see your images as well. Your posts also inspire me to eat "clean". You are talented in your own right and are blessed with having an Aunt that you admire so much. Having a familial mentor is an amazing gift. My father was an amazing explorer of good cooking. I wish he had lived long enough for me to join him in preparing holiday feasts! I try my best to take over that role in our family.

  13. You and your aunt sound like people I would love to sit down to tea with! Thank you for the lovely photos and recipes.

    I have a wonderful friend, Alyson, who is a vibrant and appreciative soul; it feels like she is continually encouraging me, especially those parts of me that are often overlooked.

  14. Imperfections are what renders character, or so I think. And is there anything truly perfect for that matter! That said, I'm sure your book is beautiful and well written, just like your blog, Lakshmi.

    And I can't think of how exactly - since it is more of an all round thing - my grandparents have always been my greatest inspiration. My mother too.

  15. I love this blog entry and your aunt sounds like a fabulous person.
    It was your photos and their light that first drew me to your blog and now I love the words too.

    I have been inspired by Brene Brown lately as I look at how I can live a wholehearted life, step by step. My husband's honesty and love inspire me to keep going and keep making him good food and treats.

    So many moments had and the potential for so many more, that and the sounds of words inspire me at the heart these days as I try to recover from my Achilles injury. A step at a time, we don't have to be perfect, in fact, we love you all the more for being who you are instead.

  16. I've been reading your blog for year and enjoying the beautiful photography. I love that your Aunt described them as delicate. Best to you.

  17. Hello, Lakshmi,

    I love your blog and photography and I'm thrilled about your book coming out! Congratulations.

    Whenever I wanna cook something Indian and I don't want it to be a total improvisation - I check your site for the classics. And although I'm still not happy with my chapati (they're not the same as I had them in India), there's something on your blog that soothes my Indian cravings. And the photography ... is just outworldly. I love the light and the simplicity and fairness, as your aunt calls it. Blessed be.

    Who inspired me recently? I listened to a very powerful talk by Marianne Williamson today and she said: "It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than think yourself into a new way of acting." It hit me tremendously. Besides, I think my two-yea-old son is my constant inspiration: to stay present, to be playful, cheerful, in awe, in love, ... a human.

    Blessings from Slovenia,


  18. Through reading your blog, I have found that you are one of the people that I find inspiring in two ways, cooking and spiritually.

    I love and enjoy the adventure of cooking and have never been afraid to try new spices and techniques as I find them, you have opened the way for me to explore the Indian style of cooking. I believe that I find your presentation of the subject very appealing since you were not born into the culture but have adopted it. I am from Mexico, so to me, you present a view of cooking the Indian cuisine, with what I believe, I can relate as a non-native Indian cook.

    In the spiritual sense, I have been searching for over half of my life (I'm 59) to find my own spiritual way. I admire that you, since your youth, were strong enough to follow your heart and adopt the set of believes you felt were the right ones for you to follow. Just as you make note on this post, against your own family's stance and rejection.

    Thank you for all you share with us.


  19. Hi Lakshmi,

    Your simplicity appeases me the most and the ability to endorse God in this placid manner takes great courage and break away from the herd.
    I realised that there are several inspirations around. And there are several listeners to your problems. Each thing above lasts for a span for 1 sec,1 hour or maybe a month. But your battles are yours and if you cannot inspire yourself then no one can. I need to inspire myself everyday for a new day in my life. Without sounding Narcissit it a matter of self motivating inspiration and that helped me so far.

    I wish someday you will agree to feature on my common table.
    Best regards,

  20. what a great story !
    I think that lately my husband has been my best support and my best fuel to florish my confidence and my kindness to myself all together in every situation and project.
    I can be very self-depreciating in things that I am doing and want to achieve.
    he always reminds me that I have to try, give my best andstay honest with myself and that this will be good !
    I am grateful for him for always supporting any major change in our life (going vegetarian, bringing spirituality in the house, living far away from home, building a different lifestyle....) and for embracing every day with beauty and kindness.
    And food at our home is all about beauty and kindness !
    marie T

  21. Your confession probably makes the book, the recipes and the pictures more warm, close, personal. I saw two kayakers recently, diving into ice cold water, into ferocious rapids and looking forward to the next one. I felt so excited and inspired. I felt like that's what passion does to you, to go beyond your capabilities, to jump, to explore.

  22. I love your book. To me, it is perfection. And I am so glad you have an aunt who loves you dearly.

  23. Oh, and as for encouragement, was my son. He was in pain. I was sad he was in pain. And he encouraged me that it would be alright.

  24. God, my guru and my practices inspire me daily. And today your humility and devotion have inspired me as well! Thank you...can't wait to make your pie!

  25. Gorgeous images as is the food that you make ... Congratulations on your book :) As for my source of inspiration, encouragement to do be better , do good ... My child . As any parent would say

  26. FoodGeekGrazeNovember 03, 2015

    your share...
    i saw something so very interesting in your peach pie construct; the yogurt option for brushing the top crust prior to baking is new to me. i wonder if this would lend itself to the flavor profile by pushing a bit of tart. i can't wait to try this when i bake next. i have a grapefruit custard pie on my 2do list so i am all over this introduction. thank you, lakshmi :-)

    my latest influence?... well...
    i am a flexitarian; when i am not eating vegetables, my protein is almost always from the sea, every now and then it is from poultry, and once in a while it is red meat. my new upstairs neighbor has been grilling a lot of steak of late. my dna is half japanese and half deep south usa. his circus of meat on the grill snaking its way into my world thru my windows has made me think a lot about barbecue... the low and slow kind of barbecue i grew up eating. this resulted in me smoking pork... many, many, many rounds of me smoking pork. i have also been playing around with and perfecting old barbecue sauce recipes that are still on dirty smoky lovely crinkled bits of paper and index cards. each southern state has its own sauce and barbecue rub so every time we moved, i grabbed what i could from neighbors and friends that seemed to know how to throw down a good barbecue. my naughty anti-flexitarian influence = my meat-pusher upstairs neighbor.

  27. I wish I had peaches now, I'll have to substitute with another fruit I have on hand...those hearts are so do create in a meditative way, it shows in your beautiful photographs and writing...would love to be there while you create waiting for a morsel to fall into my lap. Happy meditative creating and cheers to all the aunties who have inspired. I have an aunt who inspires me to be more calm and patient and enjoy the present...I never once saw her raise her voice ever, she has the biggest heart and only wants the best for her family and now her country (Greece)! May we all see the beauty and find spirituality in our daily lives.

  28. Oh what a beautiful pie!:)
    My husband is always encouraging me to discover new paths and be brave - I am really grateful for that.

  29. My fellow Master's student and friend, Jamie. She makes me laugh and reassures me when I am worried and stressed!

  30. Lakshmi I always loved your blog and his recipes and I had promised myself to buy your book soon, although written in English, which is not my language, be able 'to understand everything.
    Who encouraged me in my life has been my grandmother remained near me until my age of 11, a great lesson for me and an economics professor who helped me to succeed in my first job, I will not finish 'ever thank.

  31. I get great encouragement and acceptance from my three girlfriends. They help me grow; they are kind toward my insecurities; we laugh together and have similar interests. Whenever I'm with them, warm energy between us flows effortlessly and there is a strong desire for sharing whatever beautiful we encountered in our daily lives. We resonate at the same frequency and I feel blessed for having them in my life.
    I get similar feeling from reading your blog and being able to participate in universe of your thoughts. Thank you ❤.

  32. I love your simplicity and honest writing the most. You have the vision to find something so very interesting in any common find. You are not hiding anything for the sake of others' opinion or thoughts that makes a reader like me to connect with you and the recipe instantly, which is your strength.

  33. I am a big pie fan and peach is one of my favorites. I've never used spelt flour so I'm looking forward to this 'first'. Everyday I feel encouraged by the spiritual reading that I do. Thanks for bringing bhakti to the kitchen.

  34. gorgeous pie! I love your posts - look forward to opening them up each time. Your exquisite dishes are inspiring!

  35. Nature inspires me. The smell of the first rain on the parched soil, the colour of the sky just before sunrise, just love them!

  36. Hi Lakshmi,

    I've always admired and been inspired by your blog. I make it a point to check for updates about twice a week, and go back to the older posts if there are no new updates. Your pictures are so serene and have a "stillness" about them, that make me slow down and savour the moment.

    My biggest support, inspiration and encouragement in life has been my parents. They have always stood by me, never judged, and been my rock, come what may.

    I'm kind of an introvert, so even if I don't win the giveaway, this post prompted me to finally put in writing how much I appreciate the way you do what you do. Thank you!

  37. I am on the verge of getting my PhD in chemistry. However, I have been on the verge of getting it for the last year. What is preventing me is the job market. It's been very difficult to remain positive in the face of a myriad of rejections, but I have been lucky that my PI is making sure that I have a source of income until I find a job. His support has given me security but not happiness. My friend Suzi, she is who inspires me right now, who keeps me from feeling like a failure. She encourages me to listen to my body to feel good and centered. She inspires me to be young, to dance, to try, to laugh, to love, to remember that I am a brilliant woman and that a lack of jobs does not mean that I am any less than who I am. Now I just have to inspire her to take enough time to cook for herself at home. Haha.

  38. Dearest Lakshmi, I am inspired and encouraged every time I read your blog! Thank you very much for sharing yourself with your readers! I am blessed that there are at least two more wonderful ladies from whom I derive lot's of inspiration and encouragement. These are Yamuna Devi who is physically not anymore with us, yet she lives in a hearts of devotees and in a wonderful book biography "Yamuna Devi: a Lifeof Unalloyed Devotion." and another one is my dear nonviolent communication trainer and friend Liv Larsson from North Sweden!

  39. Ou, how could I forget that - my dear husband of-course also who gives me unlimited encouragement and has really calming and balancing effect on me!

  40. 'It is better to aim at perfection and miss, than to aim at imperfection and hit it.' (Thomas Watson) :)

  41. My mother inspires me every day. She is selfless, giving, and an example of how one should act towards others.

  42. Feeling the "Imperfection" in a project is so well known to me. But I had to realize that other people will not see this "mistakes". I keep telling me that when when my doubts torture me to much.
    In this troublesome year I found encouragement in many different sources: friends, my former PI and always, always my family and my beloved spouse.

  43. Love your every post.. Your beautiful clicks are treat for the eyes.. so simple yet so elegantly gorgeous :) your works are always so inspiring :)

  44. I've always felt that if we can keep improving things we do then we are aware of our weaknesses and the things that we can improve on. Your work is beautiful, but we can be harder on ourselves than others are. Enjoy the hard work you put into the book, the love you shared, and the memories you made. Humility is a quality we can never have too much of and gratitude as well. Thank you for sharing some of yourself with us.

  45. Lakshmi, Your aunt reminds of my own aunt who raised me when I was little. She remains a huge influence in things I do and an sign of approval means so much to me. This post of yours made me nostalgic. Thank you for sharing. You and only you can put those words so beautifully like a string of precious pearls. Wisdom, humility, philosophy - you do all of them so well.

  46. My daughter inspires me to feel enthusiastic about everything in my life. Everyday. She is 6 years old and her energy is matchless. Her curiosity is boundless. When you have such a live element constantly pushing and prodding you, you cannot but do better, be better.

    The peach pie looks gorgeous

  47. I am lucky enough to be inspired by my husband everyday. He is strong, loving and giving. So thankful to have him. This book looks amazing and I would love to show him some appreciation by creating one of these delicious meals for him, thank you for the giveaway!

  48. I am inspired by friends and family on a regular basis. I find your recipes, pictures, and writing inspirational, too! Congratulations on your beautiful cookbook.

  49. Your Blog is really incredible! This recipe looks amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    For further delicious recipes please visit me on I would really appreciate it :)

    Love Katie

  50. I am lucky to get encouragement from many beloved people. Just recently I shared concerns over the quality of my photographs with a dear friend who is a professional photographer. She encouraged me to go ahead and put some large format prints in my home. I did it and I am so pleased with the result.
    Good luck with your book! I love your approach both visually and contextwise.

  51. I'm still waiting for someone to encourage me like you had!

  52. Thanks for sharing that wonderful slice of your life, Lakshmi ! I really enjoy reading through your blog and admire everything that you share.

    My mom has always encouraged me and still does. Taking on a new challenge, recently, she still keeps checking on my progress and encourages me with her wisdom.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I love your honest storytelling and stunning photography and of course your recipes! Since moving to Sweden, I discovered food in a new way but also went back to my roots as my grandmother and mother both taught me the beauty of food. My husband encourages me in all that I make, which I am grateful for because I can't estinguish my obsession with food.

  54. Wow very beautiful recipe! Adore the little hearths so cute!!!

    Love Katie

  55. Your photography is beautiful and I have yet to try spelt flour

  56. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking part on the giveaway. I’ve read each one of the comments, and learnt from them, but I’ll respond collectively – hopefully you don’t mind.

    I would especially like to mention Vinita, who introduces herself as an introvert; I share the same nature and understand how difficult it is to overcome shyness. I appreciate you did and made yourself visible!

    To discover, to explore, and to grow against all odds is the theme of many of the comments, and a topic many of us struggle with. It’s good to be reminded we are not alone! Deep down, we are very similar. By connecting with each other we can become stronger.

    As a blogger, I constantly search for the purpose of maintaining this place. But, now you have taken a seat here and opened up, and I’m inspired to do the same. Thank you again.

    The giveaway will close on Sunday, November 15. You'll still have time to participate!

  57. I could never convey thru writing my true feelings...i did not learn that gift "writers gift" your blog is my inspiration...we all have family members and neighbors and friends that have our backs but your blog makes me feel something thru your writings and photos therefore YOU are my Free My Mind and Soul Inspiration. My family has many that are severe diabetics (due to food) and no matter the gatherings i look around at all the unhealthy food before us and realize no one has touched my hummus dip... my one step to change was not greeted well but that is ok..... i go back to your emails and find my journey will take time for all to join but i also know I am changing for the better and that's what counts. I even drive to work with no radio at times just to detox my mind. Thank you Lakshmi....

  58. Thanks for sharing this recipe, love it! It sounds and looks delicious!

  59. Since I remember cooking was my great passion. I owe it to my grandma, Bronia, who cooked without recipes and cookbook, but she cooked masterly.

    Me, as a child, was spending many hours in my grandma kitchen “helping her”. Her cuisine was traditional, but I remember just vegetarian dishes, maybe because, when I living in village, I was a friend not only to cats, horses or dogs, but I loved cows, hens and even angry ander, too. I was a child, when I refused to eat meat. Thankfully, grandma makes wonderful pastas, dumplings with white cheese or fruits, great popy-seed cakes, perfect pancakes and yummy donuts, eaten by her grandchildren, when they were still hot. Sometimes she baked a bread and from the dough she makes little birds for her granddaughter, I was eating them with homemade butter. She help me form my culinary taste, I prefer simple dishes with high quality ingredients.

    I love my grandma, beside I lost her as a young girl. It was 13 december 1981, tragic day for polish history, but even more tragic for my family. I came back from hospital after pneumonia, grandma was sick and very skinny but she was very pleased, when she saw me. After few hours she was gone. It’s a long time since she died, but she’s still alive in my memory and in my kitchen : )

    Love Alicja

    PS I'm crazy about your recipes and especially about photos :))))

    1. Lovely memory, thank you Alicja. My dear Polish mother-in-law is also Alicja :-)

  60. Dear Lakshmi,

    Wish you a very Happy Diwali. Your blog and pictures are beautiful as ever and you are forever humble to call it imperfect. Please keep writing as your blog is much more than recipes. And what can i say about your book, if I win it, it will be one of my most priced posessions :)

    There are many things that inspire me, but mainly its my mother and Mother Nature. Both give unconditionally, both are so caring and so loving. Getting even a bit closer to what they are will be quite fulfilling.

    Prachi M.

  61. Dear Lakshmi,

    it's days now that one the "windows" on my browser are open to your blog & this blog post, wanting nothing else but say hello & enter the contest, yet for reasons unknown to my heart, I still hadn't got to it.

    I read the kind words you shared with me & quiet tears of relief, hope & so much love filled my eyes. Thank you & you are welcome.
    Meeting you in the days when flickr was such a wonderful place to share our work & lives in manners that were not so speedy & somehow demanding as social media have evolved to be to this day is something that has truly marked me as a human being.

    Seeing & feeling the love & care you placed & place into producing food & preparing the environment for its consumption speaks very deeply into my mind, heart & soul. I am HOME when I see your process.

    I am glad to know you & I will skip saying the part "even though we haven't met in real life" because keeping a blog, sharing fragments of our lives the way we do is actually real life. It would just be more heartwarming when we could also touch our physical bodies.

    You touch my heart deeply & honetly and that makes you a person I'm glad to call a friend.
    So once more, thank you.

    I would love to keep your book in my hands, feel the pages & be able to spend as much time as I'd wish reading, looking at the pictures & just witnessing the outcome of how dreams do come true.

    Congratulations once more & all the very best for every other next step that you'll take.
    Love & greetings from Greece, where I'm making a little pass merging together everything amazing that has been happening in my life & leaving behind everything that serves not my higher purpose.

    I long to be home in Germany again. Time will show.

    Iro xo

  62. Thank you kindly my dear Lakshmi.For all Joy, Light & Warmth.
    Happy Diwali & lots of Love.

  63. When I feel that I'm not good enough in what I do my family encourage me. They are my "funclub" and they trust me also when I don't trust in me.
    Thank you for the giveaway and above all my compliments for your book!

  64. Maheshwari from a small town in IndiaJanuary 06, 2016

    Hare Krishna Lakshmi Mataji...Happy new year and just wanted to tell you that whenever I come to your web page I feel a sense of well being and peace settle around seems to slow down and the photos give me so much pleasure that its not possible for me to express in words. Thank you and keep inspiring us.

    1. Dear Maheshwari, thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful new year!

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