December 31, 2015


December 31, 2015
The Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank exploring why some societies are more content than others, reported earlier this year that Finland tops the European Happiness Equality Index in 2015. The survey differs from the UN’s World Happiness Report by evaluating how evenly the quality of life spreads within all societal layers. Somewhere there, among the rank and file of the 5.5 million happiest Europeans, I wish you a prosperous New Year!
I made this sweet, Gopinath, for a friend’s Christmas party. It’s a dessert I learnt to prepare when I lived in the temple ashram. The original recipe includes roasted hazelnuts, coarsely chopped, but because I piped the sweets into paper forms with a pastry bag, I omitted them. Instead of nuts, you could add orange zest to the recipe.
Gopinath is one of many names of Krishna. It means the protector of milkmaids or cowherd girls. The bhakti yoga tradition is so personal that we name even the foods after our object of meditation.
Gopinath (makes 20 - 25 pieces)

3 ½ oz. (100 g) coconut butter
4-5 Tbsp cacao powder (or carob powder)
Seeds of a vanilla pod
¾ Cup + 1 Tbsp (200 ml) heavy cream
A little less than 1 Cup (250 ml) powder sugar
1 Cup + 3 Tbsp (300 ml) milk powder
1 ¾ oz. (50 g) roasted hazelnuts, chopped

Melt the coconut butter in a pot over a low heat. As soon as it melts, put it aside and add the cacao powder and vanilla seeds. Let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes.

Whip the cream and sugar until it forms very soft peaks. Whisk in the milk powder.

Combine the coconut butter and cream. Use an electric mixer to break up lumps. Don’t overwork the mixture because the cream curdles easily!

Finally, fold in the nuts.

Transfer the sweet mixture into a tray. Tap it into an even square with a rubber spatula. Place the tray in the refrigerator and cut the sweet just before serving. Always serve Gopinath cold.

If you want to pipe the mixture into paper forms after combing the coconut butter and cream, omit the hazelnuts.


  1. i have never heard of this lovely nutty treat. all that is needed on this end is a quick trip to grab some hazelnuts and i will be sitting right there with you on big puffy white clouds of yummy tummy thoughts. i will make them this weekend, for sure :-) i cannot complete this comment without mentioning those black packets used to hold your ingredients; the font and styling of same knocked my mind into packaging presentation happiness. as always, thank you for sharing your creativeness with us, lakshmi. happy new years thoughts sent to you and your's. cheers ~

  2. What a treat! Happy feasting.

  3. They look lovely, Lakshmi! Love the color palette and light in these pictures. Always learn so much from you :)

  4. I love the use of black here. Its a perfect score!!

  5. I love the name of the sweet."Gopinath ", So befitting. Love the styling too. Have a great new year Lakshmi. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wonderful idea, these treats seems irresistible! Too bad I found them too late for my new year's party... I'll bookmark the receipt for later!

  7. Hello Gopinath! Since you have discussed about Lord krishana this is amazing. I love Shri Krishana and also the recipe you have shared. This is delicious,yummy recipe and definitely try this in the coming weekend. Thanks for sharing this recipe and blog in particular.

  8. Hi Gopi! I love chocolate nuts. These look so sweet and healthy. I already bookmarked your page on my computer. I will try it on coming Sunday. Thanks for sharing.

  9. good article. I've never heard of such a method. I think it is necessary to look for a similar recipe